2013 Greenville Kennel Club Dog Show

February 16, 2013

2013 Greenville Kennel Club Dog Show

Whoa Dog will be at the February, 2013 Greenville Kennel Club Dog Show. We will be offering our top quality clothing and gear at the show. This will be a perfect opportunity see what Whoa Dog has to offer for the sporting dog enthusiast.

The Greenville Kennel Club hosts two shows a year in February and July.

Visitors to the Greenville Dog Show and potential dog owners have the opportunity to interact with breeders and owners to gather information before purchasing a pet. Most breeders and show people are more than willing to give information about their breed because they want potential owners to be well-informed before making that lifelong commitment.

This is an American Kennel Club sanctioned event. At shows, dogs are judged against their individual breed's standard. Each winner is awarded from one to five points based on the number of entries in their respective breed. These points advance a dog towards its Champion title. Over the course of the day, the entrants are narrowed down to a single dog - Best In Show. In Junior Showmanship competition, children aged 10-18 will exhibit their own dogs as they compete for prizes by displaying their skills in handling dogs. There will also be obedience trials that range from doing basic exercises like sitting to advanced exercises where there are no verbal commands and/or selecting the one scented item from a group.

There is no admission fee and makes a great family outing. There are vendors featuring many dog and pet-related items, such as food and toys, books and magazines, as well as concessions offering a variety of food items for you and your family.

For more information please visit GKC at: http://www.greenvillekc.org/

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